In 2003 Egedental replaced his logo and institutional indetity in a new modern view ,perefered for the production only the CE certificated mateials and provide in a short time an increase in kinds of their products.

To response the consumer demands in the best way Egedental designated their aims in having a dynamic constitution with a high-quality-production-concept,  increasing the market portion and consistently developing in production technology.

In this extention, withhold concession from "Customer Satisfaction" principle, directing his activities, presents all the products with TSE Quarantee Management. All the employee determined this aim and believe to reach the "Total Quality Management concept by appropriating.

As Egedental we want to continue our institutional existence within these principles to respect to laws and ethic rules, to create worth for society, to embrace participational management concept.

  The Egedental , foundated by Nevzat Pehlivan in 1960, adopted contemporaneity and sharing as principles till hereby and prefer attendance to dentists, withhold concession from quality of service and products. With an entrenched background Egedental , present a continual ascent trend by unifying attribute signifiance to training and " Total Quality " conception.
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